First 2-section bulkhead in Denmark

Opgeleverd 2023

It’s always a celebration when we can expand our product range and provide our customers with even more possibilities, especially for 50-meter competition pools. This time, our installation team traveled to Denmark to undertake this project. The expansion comes in the form of a 2-section traversable bulkhead. It’s fully automated, making it very easy to move! The 2-section traversable bulkhead is shifted using guide rails embedded in the floor. This allows the turning wall to be placed at predetermined positions within the pool. The movement of the 2-section traversable bulkhead is carried out by a drive unit.

The use of a this bulkhead provides the pool with optimal flexibility, allowing various groups to safely use the pool simultaneously and enabling the pool to be configured in different ways.

Multiple types of bulkheads for the pool

In addition to the mentioned 2-section traversable bulkhead, we also offer the option of a vertical bulkhead and a hinged wall. Please contact our account managers for more information on alternative options.