Hinged bulkheads

One of the possible types of bulkheads that are offered at Variopool is a hinged bulkhead. It is mounted in a fixed place on the pool floor, where the pool is split in two sections. In the rest position, i.e. when the wall is not used, the wall is completely horizontal on the bottom of the swimming pool. In a new-to-be-built swimming pool, the bulkhead will be integrated into an architectural niche, so that the wall is not visible in the rest position.


When the hinged bulkhead is up, the pool is divided into two pool sections. Now it is possible that different activities take place in two sections of the bath. The lifeguard can also use the retaining wall to quickly get from one side of the bath to the other. In addition to this solution, there are also horizontal and vertical bulkheads. Another solution with multiple options.

When the pool will totally be used for one specific activity, the bulkheads can be integrated into a custom cavity. A hinged bulkhead can also be used as a walkway for pool attendants or pool masters using a removable walking deck and railings. That is really handy for competitions or swimming lessons. If you need more information please use the contact form or call our International account managers via 0031 (0)226-333 000.