Hinged bulkheads

One of the possible types of bulkheads offered by Variopool is a hinged bulkhead. This type of bulkhead is installed at a fixed point on the pool floor, dividing the pool into two parts. In rest position, when the wall is not in use, the wall is completely flat in a recess on the pool floor. In a newly built swimming pool, the bulkheads are integrated in a structural recess, so that the wall is not visible in its resting position. It is also possible to use a hinged wall in combination with a movable floor to expend the possibilities.

Hinged bulkheads offers many advantages for swimming pools

When the Hinged bulkheads are folded, the pool is divided into two pools. Now, it is possible for different activities to take place in two sections of the pool. The lifeguard can also use the Hinged bulkheads to quickly get from one side of the pool to the other. Besides this solution, there are also the horizontal and vertical bulkheads. This is another solution with several possibilities. The Hinged bulkheads have various advantages. With a removable deck and balustrades, the wall can easily be made suitable as a walkway for the supervisors of the swimming pool.

Insulated and regular bulkheads: the differences

Besides hinged bulkheads, we also have a so-called insulation wall as a possibility. The difference is that you cannot walk over an insulation wall because the top side is too narrow. But with an insulation wall it is possible to have two different temperatures in the same pool. But practically speaking they are both suitable to divide the pool in two pools. Please ask our Account Managers for more information and possiblities.