De Warande Oosterhout, Netherlands

Opgeleverd 2015

Following maintenance on De Warande pool in Oosterhout (the Netherlands), construction company Vaessen asked Variopool to renovate the 50 m by 21 metre pool. The old outdoor pool, that is now entirely covered by a roof, was equipped with a hinged bulkhead that can easily be converted into a walkway for pool attendants. The existing pool was also equipped with RVS walls covered with hard PVC coating. The pool floor and the bottom part of the walls were equipped with liner up to the standing ledge.

Variopool installed two movable pool floors that can be configured separately at different heights. This allows various target groups to enjoy the pool simultaneously. Moreover, we installed a lift for persons with disabilities at De Warande, allowing this target group to access the pool easily and without assistance. Last but not least, we installed an integrated staircase at the pool of this recreational park, also ensuring easier access for various target groups. The works at the pool were completed in April 2015.