Swimming pool de Kûpe in Buitenpost commissioned

Opgeleverd 1970

Variopool is active in more than 30 countries worldwide, but of course we are also active in our own country. For this project our mechanics went to Buitenpost. There, a new swimming pool was built next to the old one. The new swimming pool De Kupe was designed by Slangen + Koenis architects and will be built completely energy-neutral. In addition to the roof being fitted with solar panels, a heat recovery system is also being installed which recovers the residual heat from rinse and shower water.

Swimming pool De Kûpe chooses movable floor and hinged wall

The new swimming pool can continue to make use of the heat coupling from the adjacent Enitor Primo plastic profile factory. A movable floor and a hinged wall will be installed in the 25-meter pool. This makes the pool suitable for all user groups. When the folding wall is folded up, the pool is divided into two parts, creating two separate pools.