Kulturhus OG Svommebasseng, Aukra, Norway

commissioned 2022
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In Aukra, Norway, our installers set to work in high spirits on an installation project at the Kulturhus OG Svommebasseng. The new cultural centre in Aukra will consist of a 25-metre swimming pool, a library, an activity room, an office, a banquet hall, etc. The project has been named “Torget” and will be a building for everyone in the municipality of Aukra, both during the day and in the evening. Among other things, careful consideration has been given to the location of the various activities, common areas and outdoor spaces so that the facility can be used functionally and in harmony. The building covers a total of approximately 4,700 m2 with associated outdoor areas.

Ramp, movable floor, hinged wall and 2-temperature pool

This was a very comprehensive project for Variopool and one in which we were able to showcase our products well. In addition to the movable floor measuring 25 x 6.2 metres with a slope, a ramp was also installed in the pool to allow disabled users to enter the pool easily. If required, with a wheelchair. This ramp has a length of 12.5 metres.

The pool also has a hinged wall of 25 x 2.9 metres. The great advantage of this folding (insulation) wall is that, besides dividing the pool into two parts, it also serves as an insulation wall, making it possible to increase the temperature in one of the two parts. This is particularly beneficial for young children and the elderly, as they will then have access to swimming water at a temperature of around 30-32 degrees. Variopool has already applied this innovation several times in other projects. This project for the Kulturhus has been completed and our technicians are already on their way for a new installation.