Two temperatures in the same swimming pool

Variopool is constantly working on innovating its products and raising the bar. We are very proud when an innovation is developed and implemented. We are certainly proud of our isolation wall who makes it possible to have two temperatures in the same pool. A worldwide innovation in the world of swimming pools! A swimming pool that has only one pool at its disposal does not have as many possibilities, unfortunately. So we will have to look carefully at what times certain lessons will take place. The young swimmers are not allowed to swim in a pool with a depth of more than three metres. A good solution is to install a movable floor in this pool. A great advantage of a movable floor is that it can be set at any desired depth so that the smallest swimmers can still stand on the pool floor when they get tired.

An additional advantage is that people who, for whatever reason, cannot get into or out of the water on their own, can now do so. Think of people in wheelchairs. The movable floor can be placed at the same level as the pool platform so that the wheelchair user can drive the wheelchair around the floor and then lower it again. And there are countless other examples of the benefits of such a movable pool floor.

Isolation wall solution for pools

With a movable floor a lot more is possible in the same pool. But it does not stop there. With a bulkhead, another solution to divide a pool into two or more parts, it is now possible to maintain two different temperatures in the same pool. We are talking about an isolation wall. A movable floor with an integrated insulation wall that makes two different temperatures possible in the same pool! We have been able to implement this innovation in various swimming pools in Aukra, Kapelle, Culemborg, Klaipeda, Bilthoven and Buitenpost, among other places. At the time of writing, we are already working on other projects with this innovation.

The temperature in a swimming pool

Normal swimming pool water has a temperature of approximately 25 – 28 °C. This is about 10 °C colder than the average body temperature. Pool water that is colder than 15°C runs the risk of hypothermia. If the water is too warm, the body can no longer cool down, which can cause overheating. Due to the relatively large skin surface of babies and toddlers, they cool down faster in the water. Therefore, a pool of about 32 °C is ideal for them. Also, for disabled people and elderly people, this higher temperature is ideal. They are often less active and therefore cool down faster. The Variopool pool insulation wall can be placed in the pool and folded up, allowing part of the pool to be heated.

If a two-temperature pool is chosen, it is very important to create a good day programme so that every hour in the pool can be used to the maximum. We can help you with a schedule. Please feel free to get in contact with us. Read more company news via our website