Bamble Ungdomsskole swimming pool in Stathelle opts for insulation wall

Recently Variopool delivered another great project in Stathelle, Norway. This time it concerned the installation of a movable floor with an insulation wall in the Bamble Ungdomsskole swimming pool. The major advantages of such a floor will be known by now. In addition to these two products, a disabled elevator has also been installed so that users can easily get into the pool.

Extra advantages of an insulation wall in a swimming pool

In the same pool, as described earlier, a so-called insulation wall has also been installed. This is an invention of the Variopool engineers that has the advantage that once it is folded up, two different temperatures can be obtained. In this way, one part of the pool can maintain the normal temperature while the other part can be made a few degrees warmer. This is especially convenient for small children and the elderly. On a separate page on this website, you can read more about this.

The entire project was commissioned by our partner Pooltech.