Leading swimming pool in Lithuania chooses Variopool

Opgeleverd 2023

The pool will be the leading swimming pool in Lithuania where the big swimming competitions will be organized in the future. The pool has been designed by Slangen and Koenis and is built against a hill in which the height differences are used in a very nice way. The pool has a competition pool of 50 x 25 meters with a depth of 3 meters and a diving pit of 20 x 25 meters and 5 meters deep. The diving pit is equipped with springboards and diving towers up to a height of 10 meters. In the diving pit itself there is a bubbler system which works as a “water cushion” when using the diving tower.

Many options for pool due to unique configuration

The 50-meter pool is equipped by Variopool with a 2-part bulkhead of 25 meters and 2 meters wide, a hinged wall of 23 meters and a movable floor of 23 x 10 meters. In this way, the floor is confined on all sides by the pool wall or one of the bulkheads and thus suitable for establishing 2 different temperatures in the same pool. The following configurations are possible:

  • 10 lanes 50 meters (50 m. competition mode)
  • 6 lanes 50 meters, 4 lanes 25 meters and a movable bottom of 10 x 23 meters adjustable in depth from 0 to 3 meters
  • 10 lanes 25 meters and 10 lanes 23 meters (25 m. competition mode)

The pool now also has access to what is known as an isolation wall. This has the advantage that in one part of the pool the water temperature can be raised to about 32 degrees instead of the usual 27–28 degrees. This is an ideal temperature for the elderly and small children. Within Variopool we refer to this as the 2-temperature solution.