Diving tanks with a movable floor

A diving tank is for divers to simulate different situations, but also extremely suitable for recreational divers. Diving in a diving tank is comparable to diving in open water because, in addition to being very deep, they are also very wide so that several divers can dive at the same time. A diving tank can also be fitted with a movable swimming pool floor so that it offers even more possibilities than a tank for divers alone.

Diving tank with movable floor

The main advantage of a movable floor in a diving tank is that such a movable floor can be set at different heights. If the floor is set to the highest position, i.e. at the edge of the pool, it can be walked on or people can stand on it or other activities can be thought of. This can be seen in one of the photos with the aquabikes. In addition, another additional benefit is that the movable bottom can also save energy because, once set to the highest position, the water temperature will cool down less quickly because the floor then serves as a cover.

In short, the possibilities are endless, and we would love to talk to you about the other benefits.