Vertical bulkheads

With vertical bulkheads (or submersible bulkheads) from Variopool it is possible to divide your swimming pool into two sections. The system of the vertical bulkhead is easy to operate using a touchscreen. It is possible to countersink the entire bulkhead in a recess on the pool floor so that the bulkhead is no longer in sight. This bulkhead is available in a two- and three-part version, which increases the possibilities of activities in the pool.

Bulkheads divide your swimming pool into two sections

This bulkhead is driven by a hydraulic system that is comparable to the type of system that Variopool uses for the movable floor for swimming pools. After the bulkhead is placed in the highest position, the pool consists of two or more parts. This makes it possible to organize several things in the same swimming pool. In one part an activity for the youth can be organized, while in the other part the swimmers can do their laps.

With the unique Variopool 2.0 hinged wall it is even possible to realize two temperatures in the same swimming pool.

Submersible, horizontal bulkheads en hinged walls

However, there are several options when it comes to vertical bulkheads. Variopool designs, produces, and installs them all in-house. The hinged bulkhead is another possibility that we describe on this special page. As the name suggests, the wall “falls” into a ‘space on the movable floor. The third option is the horizontal bulkhead. We “shift” these, as it were, over the pool edge to the desired location in the pool. Take a look on the separate page about this type of bulkhead.

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