Olympic Aquatic Centre Wezenberg, Antwerpen, Belgium

A new Olympic Aquatic Centre opened in Antwerpen in Belgium! This is an official training pool where the Flemish athlethes can train and where major championships can be organized. In the training pool of 50 meters Variopool has installed a mobile vertical bulkhead of 16 meters long and 1 meter wide. The bulkhead moves vertically out of the pool floor for a division of the 50meters swimming pool in a 24- and 25-meter pool. This is perfect for the athletes to train their turning points or to prepare for a short course competition.


For Variopool this is a unique project because a bulkhead like this we never did. There are realized flaps in the bulkhead so that the match lines can be extended to the end of the swimming pool. In the photo’s you will get a clear picture of this. Their can be trained on either side of the swimming pool for the turning points or short track competitions.