Moorway’s sports village in Derby

commissioned 2022
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The new project in Derby, England, includes a ten-lane swimming pool with a length of 50 metres, a water park for families and a swimming pool for students. In addition to these water spaces, a range of ancillary facilities are included. The existing Moorways Stadium will also form part of Moorways Sports Village. The 50 x 25 metre pool now includes two Variopool bulkheads and two movable floors, meaning it can be easily divided into three separate 25 meter areas as required.

Multiple Variopool products in the pool

Two movable floors were installed in the 25 x 11 meter format, one of which has integrated steps. Two bulkheads measuring 25 x 1.5 metres were also installed. The pool now has the option to be divided in different parts, allowing multiple target groups to use the pool at the same time. This is a valuable addition to the pool that also increases the return.

The pool in Derby is now complete and this is ideal to meet the competitive demand for pool space from clubs, teaching groups and occasional swimmers. With seating for over 400 spectators and a timekeeping area, the pool will also be able to host regional competitions.