Rozebroeken, Bruges, Belgium

Opgeleverd 2015

In late 2011, Rozebroeken in Ghent (Belgium) opened its doors. The complex includes an Olympic-size pool (50 m by 25 m) with ten 50-m lanes and a depth of up to 3 metres. Variopool joined forces with the client to ensure the pool can be used by different target groups for a wide range of activities. Competitive swimming can make place for recreational swimming thanks to two movable floors and a three-piece vertical bulkhead installed by Variopool. The depth of the two floors can easily be adapted separately and in combination with the vertical bulkhead the pool can enjoy various configurations. An example? The middle part of the bulkhead can be submerged 1.40 metres under the water surface, creating a central lane for 50-m laps.


Thanks to its many possible configurations, swimming pool Rozebroeken in Ghent is a swimmers’ paradise, attracting many different target groups. The pool’s ‘optimal’ set-up consists of three 50-m lanes, seven 25-m lanes and seven 22 m lanes. Another option is for the shorter lanes to be used for children’s swimming lessons or as a play area, and for the other side of the pool to host aqua jogging lessons using both movable floors. The rest of the pool can be used for lap swimming.


This project in Ghent proved a major success, prompting the design of a similar complex in Bruges. Construction is currently underway. The result will be a typical pool complex using the many Variopool options. The versatility in terms of pool depth and length will ensure this multifunctional pool can be used by a wide range of target groups. Success guaranteed!