2 Movable floors for project in Aomori (Japan)

Opgeleverd 2023

With our innovative technology, we span the globe, serving small local swimming pools to large international and Olympic-sized ones. For this particular assignment, our team journeyed to Aomori, Japan. In this magnificent pool, our team conducted the installation of two movable pool floors. The largest one measures 25 by 25 meters, while the second one measures 22.5 by 25 meters.

This pool also features a vertical bulkhead. What sets this project apart is that the existing bulkhead can be operated using the same touchscreen as the movable floors. These floors come with preprogrammed heights, tailored to the pool’s requirements. Both floors are equipped with crossing lines, allowing for both 50-meter and 25-meter swimming, and on the smaller floor, the crossing lines are oriented at a 90-degree angle to enable widthwise swimming.