Aquatopia swimming pool in Aalst (Belgium)

Opgeleverd 2021

In Aalst, Belgium, in October, Variopool technicians put the finishing touches on the installation of several objects in this brand new swimming pool. The name of the pool is Aquatopia and is a design by Slangen and Koenis architects. Aquatopia sounds like a place you must have been. With this catchy name we hope to attract swimmers from all over Belgium and compete with other pools in our region and beyond.

Both Ilse Uyttersprot and her father Raymond, played a major role in the history of the Aalsteren pool. Therefore, a lasting tribute is in order here. The tribute sign of the current swimming pool will be placed next to the new tribute sign. In addition, the 25×35-meter pool will be named after Ilse Uyttersprot and the 50-meter pool will bear the name of her father, Raymond Uyttersprot.

Several Variopool products in Aquatopia

Two movable pool floors have been installed in this pool. The sizes of these floors are 25×21 meters and 25×12.5 meters. This has great advantages for the pool. Furthermore, a vertical bulkhead is installed in the competition pool whereby the pool can be divided into two sections so that multiple activities can take place at the same time. The complete pool equipment has also been installed by our mechanics, including steps, buoyancy lines and transit systems.

For safety underwater, an Angeleye anti-drowning system was installed. This system provides a watchful eye under the water surface. We carried out the entire project with the help of our partners from Waterfly, Orka, Hellebrekers and WVL concrete drilling.