Bulkheads and movable pool floor project in Craigavon

Opgeleverd 1970

In Craigavon, Northern Ireland, the Variopool engineers have finished a major project at the South Lake Leisure Centre. A great project where the Variopool products will once again be shown to their best advantage. Two movable floors were installed in the project. One measuring 10.25 x 20 metres and the other 13 x 20 metres.

Bulkheads and stairs for swimming pool

In addition to the floors, a horizontal and a vertical bulkhead is installed. The horizontal bulkhead is also equipped with starting blocks and is moved back and forth along the side to the correct position by means of so-called mover buggies. The vertical bulkhead can easily be lowered into the pool floor. Because of all these options, the swimming pool has become extremely multifunctional and can be used by various target groups at the same time.

The pool also has an integrated staircase that goes up and down at the same time as the floor. A platform for the disabled is located right next to the stairs so that the user can easily and comfortably lower himself into the water.