DUO-movable floor De Braak, Helmond

Opgeleverd 2023

For this installation, our teams worked at Optisport swimming pool De Braak in Helmond. Optisport De Braak boasts several modern swimming pools: a competition pool, an instructional pool, and a baby and toddler pool. Whether you are young, old, or undergoing rehabilitation, at this pool, you’ll find exactly what you need for a delightful swimming experience. The competition pool spans 25 meters in length and has 6 lanes. It features a partially movable pool floor. The instructional pool is as large as the competition pool but has an entirely movable floor.

The DUO floor measures 25 x 15.4 meters with a slope, and the other movable pool floor with a flap (to prevent someone from swimming underneath) has dimensions of 10 x 15.4 meters. The final result can be seen in the photos. Attention, adventurous swimmers: during recreational swimming, they challenge you in this pool with enjoyable play elements. Thanks to the special stairs and the lift, it is possible for everyone to safely enter and exit the water. Anyone who loves swimming can come to us.

Our work is done once again, and we wish everyone a lot of swimming pleasure!