Sportcomplex De Gelenberg with 2 movable floors

Opgeleverd 2024

The Gelenberg will become a place for everyone where everything revolves around health and movement. The current outdated swimming pool will be replaced by a sustainable sports center. It also replaces the De Heuvel sports hall in the center of the village. The swimming pool will have two pools equipped with a movable pool floor from Variopool. One pool has a floor measuring 12 x 7 meters, and the other pool has a floor measuring 12.5 x 10 meters including a flap. Both pools are also equipped with a water inlet system which improves water quality.

The newly delivered sports complex is accessible to all residents. It caters from baby swimming to senior gym and everything in between. A multifunctional, modern, sustainable, and gas-free sports center. The opening of the new sports center was on February 2, 2024. We wish everyone a lot of swimming pleasure in this beautiful complex!