Water circulation improves the pool water quality

Due to a change in the European regulations regarding the colour test in swimming pools, the innovation team of Variopool has been working hard to improve this process. A new water inlet system. The purpose of water circulation in a swimming pool is to improve the water quality and bring it to the optimum level. In short, creating a good water circulation in a swimming pool is difficult but very important. Variopool has been working behind the scenes to come up with a simple solution. And they succeeded! The water in a swimming pool contains skin fat, loose hair and plasters. In a normal situation this will sink to the bottom of the pool. This is an undesirable situation. Thanks to the new Variopool innovation, for which we also hold a patent, this dirt is now pumped upwards and ends up in the overflow. A perfect solution.

Colour test successful via water inlet system

When a swimming pool is commissioned, a colour test is carried out beforehand. This is prescribed for all modern pools to be realized according to the NEN-EN 15288-2:2008. By using this colour test, it is shown that there are no points in the swimming pool where there is no good circulation. If a swimming pool has stagnant water, and therefore is not refreshed, it is possible that it does not comply with the hygiene regulations.  Because the pools of our customers have a movable floor, it is very important to check this properly. Through an ingenious and modern invention, our engineers have been able to solve this perfectly.

We have developed the water inlet system especially to deal with the above issues. This is a patented system from Variopool that is built into the movable pool floor and improves the circulation of water. Even the colour test, which should not take longer than 12 minutes, comes through it quickly.

Technology and innovation

Several adjustable water inlets are integrated in the polypropylene or polyester running deck of the movable floor. These water inlets are connected to an integrated piping system in the framework of the movable floor. From this pipe system a flexible hose runs to the filter installation. When the floor starts to move, a signal is given automatically, which the water inlets react to and literally causes water to be let in.

This innovative system is possible for movable floors with a polypropylene or polyester running surface. Variopool can realize the system in cooperation with the water treatment company. The water treatment company has to provide the pool with a PVC pipe which is placed in the pool wall, just above the finished pool floor. Together with Variopool, the location, number of pipes and diameter of the PVC pipe can be determined (more pipes depends on the size of the pool floor).

A valve is installed in the PVC pipe which, after an automatic signal, ensures that the pipe closes automatically when the movable floor is put in the night position (at the highest position). This valve ensures that the water circulation stops in this position. The wiring between the movable floor and the switch box of the water treatment plant must also be laid by the water treatment plant. This takes care of controlling the automatic shut-off system of the water inlet system.

A new, patented system from Variopool ensures good water circulation regardless of the depth of the movable floor. Curious about the technology? Please contact Variopool.