Brigitte Becue swimming pool in Ostend

In 2021 the team of Variopool started working on the new Brigitte Becue City Pool of Ostend. A beautiful project in which we will incorporate our by now familiar products. The special feature of this pool is the combination of sports, accommodation and living.

Ostend city swimming pool complex

The swimming complex consists of four pools. The 50 by 25-meter competition pool will be equipped with 10 lanes and a grandstand that can accommodate 300 people. The instruction pool is 4.2 meters deep and will be 25 by 10 meters. The recreation area will consist of two pools: the toddler and preschool pool and the recreation pool for older youth. A whirlpool and a sauna will be provided.

Variopool was asked to provide a complete package of products. The competition pool has a movable floor of 25 x 17 meters which can be lowered to a depth of 2.5 meters. In the instruction pool, a movable floor measuring 25 x 10 meters was installed, and this goes down to a depth of 4.2 meters.

Both pools are equipped with a disabled platform and integrated steps. In addition, the competition pool has a cover for the part where there is no movable floor. In the same pool there is also a drowning detection system as an extra set of eyes for the lifeguard. To make it complete there will be a timekeeper for competition swimming and water polo which can be projected on a LED screen of 5 x 3 meters. The project has now been successfully completed, and the pool can be put into use. Want to know more about this and other projects in Belgium? Please contact our Account Manager Yves Kenens.

Graphics: B2A1