Swimming pool equipment

Through our subsidiary Varioplay we offer swimming pool equipment that complete a pool. The complete pool furnishing can be taken care of by the VarioGroup, of which Varioplay is a part. For stands used to watch swimming competitions, for example, Varioplay is the right partner. The benches can be easily stacked at the desired location to create seating in the pool complex again after the match. After use, the elements can be stacked again on the supplied wheeled trolley, and the whole thing can be easily driven away to a storage place.

Swimming pool equipment from A to Z

Duotone banisters: these duotone banisters make getting in and out of the water a lot easier. Besides being functional, Varioplay handrails are elegant and durable. The banisters are made of stainless steel, the top is finished with a white powder coating. The highest handrail is 95 cm high and the lowest is 75 cm high. The railings are securely attached to the platform by means of floor pots.

Handy stands are also available. The three polyester elements are stackable. To create seats, they can be placed on the platform by two people. This creates a three-row stand with space for a total of fifteen people. If you need space for other activities, the tribune elements can easily be stacked and/or moved again. Because of the various stacking options, more set-ups can be created than with traditional tipping stands. Because of its easy handling, this stand can be used anywhere in the accommodation, and it can be easily and compactly stored. Moreover, the stand is very user-friendly and easy to maintain and makes your swimming pool equipment complete!

Race lines for your competition pool

We supply competition lines that meet the requirements of FINA. Just like our own movable swimming pool floors. According to the official rules, the floating lines that mark out the width of the swimming lanes must extend over the entire length of the pool and must be attached to built-in hooks in the start and return walls. The racing lines are wave breaking as the donuts rotate. Because of the double rib, most of the wave collides with the first rib, breaking it.

Varioplay supplies various stainless-steel applications in the field of swimming pool equipment. Stainless-steel pool steps also belong to the possibilities. The stairs make it easier for various target groups to enter and exit the pool independently. Varioplay also supplies and installs separate pool railings for the stairs. Need more info? Ask our Account Managers.