De Beemd swimming pool welcomes visitors

Opgeleverd 2023

Swimming pool De Beemd in Veghel is a new swimming pool in the centre of Veghel that will open on 1 May 2023. The pool has a 25-metre pool with six lanes and an instruction pool of 12 by 8 metres, both with a ramp, so everyone can safely and easily walk in and out of the pool. The 25-metre pool has a movable floor along the length of the pool with a width of 2 lanes. The instruction pool has a movable floor over the entire surface area that, with the spray elements switched on, also makes a wonderful environment for baby and toddler swimming.

Installation completed at De Beemd swimming pool

The Variopool teams have finished the project and the swimming pool can welcome visitors. At the swimming pool in Veghel, Variopool was able to install two movable pool floors of size 25 x 6 metres and 12 x 8 metres. One floor is equipped with a flap, to prevent people from ending up under the floor, and a ramp. This allows everyone to enter the water safely. The other pool also has a movable pool floor with ramp, but the special thing about that floor is that it is also equipped with fountains and coloured lights. For example, a water disco is a fun idea! The children in particular are going to really enjoy this. The parents too, we think.

Varioplay took care of the pool equipment. This includes a swimming lift, stainless steel steps and railings, racing lines and shot clocks. In short, everything needed to make the pool complete.