Movable floor for hospital in South-Korea

Opgeleverd 2023

In South Korea, our technicians have been involved in installing a movable pool floor in a therapy pool at the Asan Medical Center. The movable floor, measuring 13 x 8 meters in size, aids patients in their rehabilitation. This type is commonly referred to as hydrotherapy.

Since its establishment in June 1989, Asan Medical Center has achieved its status as a world-class, patient-centered medical institution through generous investment in clinical treatment and R&D. Asan Medical Center has also carried out its social responsibility as ‘Korea’s Most Respected Hospital’ by fulfilling the spirit of ‘Respect for Life’ and ‘Sharing pain with neighbors.’ Asan Medical Center is leading the medical development of Korea with competitive medical skills and cutting-edge technology, comparable to other world leading hospitals. Asan Medical Center is the ‘parent’ hospital among the eight hospitals under the ASAN Foundation.

Since its establishment in 1977, the ASAN Foundation has been providing non-profit programs in social and medical welfare, scholarship, and academic research. In particular, the ASAN Foundation opened hospitals in rural areas where modern medical resources are scarce, fulfilling the mission of the founder, late Chairman Chung Ju-yung – ‘serving the neediest in our society.’