Movable floor for therapy pools

The efficiency of hydrotherapy with a movable floor is widely recognized by medical professionals, and at Variopool too, we are familiar with this popular form of aqua/water therapy. The use of movable swimming pool floors and bulkheads is a must to guarantee the best results, as they allow the various target groups to make optimal use of the therapy pool facilities, and they ensure the water temperature can be efficiently regulated. The movable floor can be set to different depths to fit the rehabilitation process of the patient or athlete. Responding to the specific needs of the person in question can accelerate the recovery process.

Therapy pool with a movable floor

Hydrotherapy involves doing exercises in water with the assistance of a physiotherapist. The advantage of exercising in the therapy pools is that it is a safe way to move without causing excessive joint strain. And as the water is warmer than in a normal pool, it is better for the blood vessels. Hydrotherapy in combination with warm water also improves blood flow to damaged tissue.

The movable floor can be equipped with movable stairs, a lift for people with disabilities or a ramp to allow rehabilitation patients to access the pool unaided. Underwater treadmills can also be installed, so that patients do not need to turn back once they reach the wall, boosting the efficiency of their workout.

What is hydrotherapy or water therapy good for

The use of warm water helps you relaxing your muscles. This kind of therapy is proven effective. The water temperature in the swimming pool is about 32-37 degrees. Variopool is further specializing in the field of Aqua therapy and has launched a new website: Variomedic. Here you will find further, and more extensive, information about our specific products and projects.