Movable floor therapy pools

The effect of a therapy pool, better known as hydrotherapy is widely recognized in the medical world. The installation of movable floors and bulkheads in therapy pools is indispensable for achieving maximum results. Variopool is no stranger to this type of aqua-therapy. The various target groups for hydrotherapy can make optimal use of the therapy pool’s facilities, whereby the temperature of the swimming water can also be efficiently controlled.

All over the world we have fitted this type of pool with a movable floor. Our experience comes from the public sector, where the movable floors are larger in size. A therapy pool with a Variopool movable floor also has great advantages for the therapist as he/she can easily lower the patient into the water. With or without a wheelchair. This also relieves the therapist of the burden of having to use less force to treat the patient in the water.

Therapy pool for hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy, in which you move around in warm water at 32º Celsius. The goal of hydrotherapy is to increase your ability to bear weight. Hydrotherapy is suitable for anyone who has difficulty moving ‘on dry land’ due to physical limitations or complaints. Hydrotherapy is intended for people with a chronic illness or condition that makes it difficult to move/train outside of water. A referral from a general practitioner or specialist is necessary for this. The movable floor can be equipped with a moving access staircase, a disabled platform or a ramp so that the rehabilitation patient can enter the pool independently.

Hydrotherapy via Variomedic

Due to further specialization in the field of Aqua therapy, Variopool has launched a website: Variomedic. This website provides further information about our products and projects.