Cleaning under a movable floor

One of the questions we get frequently is how to clean under a movable pool floor. This is necessary to remove dirt, hair and skin fats, for example. High time to devote an article to this and answer that question. Although the Variopool movable floor itself is insensitive to contamination, the basin under the movable floor will need to be cleaned regularly for hygiene reasons. Cleaning the basin under the movable floor is easy to perform.

The basin floor itself can be cleaned in this usual manner using a hydrogen vacuum cleaner. By means of a night stand, with which most Variopool movable floors are equipped, the movable floor rises about 5 cm above the water. The movable floor can be walked on to remove contaminants such as chewing gum.

Cleaning without having to empty the pool

An important advantage of the Variopool movable pool floor is that the pool can remain completely full for both periodic and complete maintenance when replacing parts. This saves high costs for emptying, filling, heating and the associated loss of operating costs of the pool. Periodic maintenance of the movable floor involves an annual inspection of the floor parts and parts subject to wear such as the cables, cable sheaves, header bar rubber and seals. This is professionally done by our service and maintenance department.

Variopool offers Service and Maintenance of its movable floors in the form of a maintenance contract with 24-hour breakdown service. This contract includes annual inspection/maintenance with cleaning below and above the movable bottom.

Water circulation improves pool water quality

Therefore, if a pool has stagnant water, and thus is not refreshed, it may not meet hygiene regulations. Since our customers’ pools have movable floors, it is very important to control this properly. Through an ingenious and new invention, our engineers were able to solve this perfectly; a water inlet system.