When every second counts in track cycling

Measuring precise results in cycling is a complex endeavor. This sport encompasses various disciplines, such as track cycling, BMX, mountain biking, and road cycling, each with its unique timing systems. For instance, track cycling requires different timing equipment than road cycling. In some races, it’s crucial to measure times accurately, while in others, only the difference between the riders matters. This makes time measurement within cycling both unique and challenging but, above all, intriguing.

In addition to timing systems used in swimming pools, our colleagues at Varioplay also install timing systems for track cycling. We exclusively provide equipment from Swiss Timing, the global standard in timing technology. Last week, we had the privilege of setting up this system at the Omnisport Velodrome Apeldoorn. In the photo, you can see our setup, assisting national top riders in perfecting their start on the road to the 2024 Paris Olympics.