How does a movable swimming floor work?

We are often asked how a movable floor works. Of course, we can give an appropriate answer. We have been familiar with this concept for more than 50 years and have incorporated various innovations into our floors. Did you know that many people are not even aware that almost all modern swimming pools nowadays have a movable floor? Time to find out.

This is how the Variopool movable swimming floors works

Our movable floors have a floating system. This means that if you put Variopool movable floor in the water they simply float. Whatever you do, they do not sink to the bottom. That is a big advantage. After our engineers have calculated the correct size of the floor, the floor goes into production. When the floor is ready, it is transported to the pool and our mechanics start the first preparations. In this case, the pool is completely emptied, and the cylinder is placed in the pool wall.

The cylinder will be used to operate the movable floor. We later will come back to this. The floor is lifted part by part into the swimming pool and the elements are connected to each other. Under these elements stainless steel cables are placed on precisely measured places and connected to the cylinder. After all this is connected, the movable floor can be adjusted to the right height by means of a touch screen panel on the platform or in a separate room. As described the floor floats. Now we want to set the movable floor to a water depth of for example 1.30 meter. Via the control panel this is activated, and the cylinder pulls the floor via stainless steel cables to the desired depth. In the movable floor there are grids for the water to flow through when going down. This takes a few minutes and an audio signal can be heard. Safety first.

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Movable swimming pool floor as pool cover

At the end of the day, the floor can be put in a so-called ‘night position’. This means that it can be put in the highest position, and it will be levelled with the platform. Now people can simply walk on this floor and use it for other activities. But on the other hand, this position has the advantage that the water underneath will cool down less quickly. That is good news for the operator. Do you want to know more about pool covers? Please visit our subsidiary Variodeck.

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How much does an adjustable floor cost?

We cannot give a ready-made answer to this question because it depends on the design, type and size. To give a price for an adjustable floor, our account managers make an offer in advance. They will first meet (in person or via MS Teams) with you to listen to your wishes.

In addition to safety, durability and maintenance have also been considered. The entire hydraulic drive and electrical controls are located outside the pool. This makes maintenance by a Variopool specialist relatively easy. During the annual inspection, the condition of the movable floor is checked, and wear parts are replaced. Another big advantage is that the pool does not need to be emptied, not even for repairs. The team has all the knowledge to perform your maintenance. We work on projects worldwide and employ our own certified maintenance engineers.