Acrylic underwater windows

Holland Aqua Sight is a subsidiary of Variopool and mainly specializes in acrylic underwater windows and transparent pool walls. These walls are mainly used for swimming pools but the transparent pool windows are also used for shopping centers or hotels and resorts. The transparent pool walls do not only ensure that you see along the swimmers swim but it also gives a luxurious feel to the room where the underwater windows are located.

Acrylic underwater windows for your private pool

They have years of experience and already have completed some beautiful projects around the world for different kind of end-users. Projects as swimming pools, animal bassins in zoo’s and other underwater applications. You will have more enjoyment of your swimming pool with an acrylic underwater window or transparent walls in the pool. You do not have to worry about the acrylic panels because they are for 100% waterproof, and they can handle tonnes of water pressure. So no worries!

With our underwater windows, you will add an extra touch to your surroundings and make your pool part of your home. The Holland Aqua Sight team will help you from A till Z. They are fully certified in this branch, and they know how to work with our products the best. Do you want specific information about our products and all the possibilities Holland Aqua Sight offer. Please feel free to get in contact with our International Account Managers.

On the website of Holland Aqua Sight can find more information about the products they provide and the many opportunities offered by Holland Aqua Sight.