Acrylic underwater windows

Holland Aqua Sight is a subsidiary of Variopool and specializes primarily in underwater windows, transparent pool walls and movable pool floors for private swimming pools. These windows are of course mainly used for swimming pools so that people can see the swimmers passing by. But the pool walls are also used for shopping centres or hotels and resorts, for example. Holland Aqua Sight also supplies movable swimming pool floors for private swimming pools.

Acrylic underwater windows give your pool a luxurious appearance

It is a great option when building a private swimming pool. Not only do the walls ensure that you can see the swimmers swimming by when you look at the pool walls, but it also gives a luxurious feel to the area where the underwater windows are located. On the Holland Aqua Sight website, you can find more information about the products they can supply and about the many possibilities that Holland Aqua Sight offers.