Interactive movable floor Area H2O

A new development in movable pool floor designs. Over the years, Variopool movable floors have proven their usefulness and advantages. The floors provide more profitability to the pools because more target groups can use the pool at the same time. In the meantime, our engineers continue to develop and respond to the demands of our clients and the swimming pool world. We are now proud to announce that we have added an interactive movable pool floor to our product range! An innovation needs a sounding new name: Area H2O

Interactive pool floor Area H2O

Your pool becomes an interactive playground for young and old. This can vary from games in the water, to fountains that spout upwards in response to the actions from the various games available. For example, the visitor can then interactively respond to the various projected subjects and become part of the game. In doing so, the pool floor is raised to a higher position, about 10 cm below the water surface, after which the projection can begin. A very powerful projector equipped with 3D tracking cameras is placed above the pool. The projector itself is placed in a special cooled housing.

The projector is controlled from a computer on the platform or in the lifeguards’ office. However, the operation is very simple, and the games can be started in quick succession. A special program is installed on the computer that can track the users. The game will respond to this interactively and the image of the game will be projected on the movable floor. Area H20 comes to life! Under the movable floor is piping for the water supply and control of the fountains and lights. At the moment that a movement is detected by the camera sensor, or when the game gives a pulse, the fountain(s) start spraying. This is then done according to the program of the installed game on the computer.

Interactive games respond to movements in the pool water

One of the most important items that makes a pool suitable for multiple audiences is the movable pool floor that can be adjusted to the depth of the pool. This can be deployed over the entire surface of the pool water or part of it. This actually transforms the pool into a multifunctional pool surface for multiple users. For example, exercise for the elderly or swimming lessons for toddlers and preschoolers. From this desire to make the pool multifunctional, the idea arose to use the pool water as recreational water. For example, a number of 25-meter pools with a movable floor can be transformed very easily into a recreational landscape or a target group pool can be used as an extension of the toddler and preschool section.

The games that are currently available bear the sounding names Deep sea, Discoballs, Pong around and Tubes.  Here you can see in words and pictures what we mean when we talk about the next level in water entertainment. But Area H20 is so much more than just playing on and with water….

The benefits of Area H2O

Besides the fact that Area H2O is great fun for the little ones, it has even more advantages;

  • Everyone in your region wants to see this!
  • It is quick and easy to switch between the various games
  • Fun as an extra (reward) after the swimming lessons
  • Water acclimatization for the toddlers
  • The children’s parties are now even more fun!
  • Interactive competitions for everyone
  • Encouragement for motor skills
  • Interaction with water and learning to play together

These are just a few examples, but you can probably think of more. Otherwise, we are happy to think along with you.  Do you need further explanation after reading? Then take a look at the Varioplay website and make an appointment with one of our International Account Managers. They will be happy to tell you more about our latest innovation!

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