Interactive movable floor Area H2O

New Development: Interactive pool floor Area H20!
Variopool introduces a groundbreaking innovation in movable pool floors: the interactive pool floor Area H20. Over the years, Variopool’s floors have proven their worth, with demonstrable benefits for various target groups in swimming pools. Now, with an eye on the growing demand within the swimming pool industry, we are delighted to announce our latest addition: the interactive pool floor Area H20.

Your pool is transformed into a dynamic playground for all ages. From water activities to spectacular fountains that respond to interactions within different games – visitors are actively engaged in a unique swimming experience. With the floor raised to about 10 cm below the water surface, a powerful projector is placed above the pool, equipped with 3D tracking cameras and a specially cooled housing.

The control of the projector is done from a computer on the platform or in the office of the pool staff. With a user-friendly interface, games can be started quickly, with the special program on the computer able to track users and interactively respond to their movements, while projecting the game image onto the movable floor.

Interactive games and multifunctional floor

One of the core features that makes swimming pools suitable for different target groups is the movable floor, which can be set at different depths. This makes the pool a versatile space for various activities, from exercise for the elderly to swimming lessons for toddlers. This versatility inspired the idea of using pool water for recreational purposes, allowing pools to be easily transformed into recreational areas or specific target group pools.

Available games such as Deep Sea, Discoballs, Pong Around, and Tubes illustrate the boundary-pushing possibilities of water entertainment at the next level, but Area H20 offers more than just playing with water.

Advantages of Area H20

  • Strengthening the regional appeal of the pool
  • Easy switching between various games
  • Stimulation of motor skills
  • Promotion of water acclimatization and social learning
  • Improvement of swimming skills as a reward after swimming lessons
  • Enrichment of children’s parties with interactive activities
  • Possibility of interactive competitions for all ages

These are just a few advantages; we invite you to brainstorm with us about further applications and possibilities. For more information, please visit the Varioplay website or schedule a non-binding appointment with one of our International Account Managers. Discover Area H20 and the future of water entertainment on our new website: