Sports complex in Nunspeet with chlorine-free pool

Opgeleverd 2023

In February 2023, the brand new Wiltsangh sports complex in Nunspeet will open. The design of the swimming pool is done by Slangen and Koenis architects. The design includes various sustainable features to create an energy-efficient and healthy building, including triple glazing, high-quality insulation, compact volumes, heat recovery, heat pumps and solar panels. Unique to the pool in the complex, is that the target group pool will be chlorine-free. A unique development made possible by Hellebrekers. Also from the city of Nunspeet.

A chlorine-free pool in Nunspeet

For this world premiere has Maarten Keuten (TU-Delft) years, and thorough, scientific research done. Filling the pool is another important milestone for the Clear Pool Concept. No more chlorine, but ultrafiltration and a UV system to disinfect the swimming water. A revolution in the pool market that we will certainly hear a lot more about.

No modern pool is complete without a movable floor

A new pool naturally needs a Variopool movable floor. That is why such a Variopool floor was installed in the competition pool, giving the pool many more possibilities to organize other activities in the pool. The target group pool is slightly larger than the current “wading pool” at 15 by 8 meters. It is also equipped with full movable floors to accommodate all target groups from young to old. A pool elevator has also been taken into account. They have not skimped on recreation either, and there will be a whirlpool, a steam room, a family slide and a unique tire slide. The toddler pool/water playground will go from 30 m2 in De Brake to 35 m2 at De Wiltsangh and the recreation pool is now 115 m2 (excluding rapids) and will go to 135 m2.

AreaH2O now also swimming pool in Nunspeet

And then the other scoop! In addition to the above options, the pool will also have a real crowd puller that we at Variopool call the next level in water entertainment. It is the AreaH2O innovation! An interactive floor for young and old to play games in the water that react to the movements of the participants. This is definitely an added value for this already unique pool. On the website of AreaH20 you can read what is possible. We are expecting a lot of these features for swimming pools.