Movable floor private pools

Thanks to our movable floor we use for the private pools, the swimming pool can be used for a wide range of activities. The movable floor can even be raised to ground level, so you can make space for an indoor or outdoor party on the terrace. Once all the guests have left the party, you can simply lower the movable floor to a safe depth to allow your children to play in the swimming pool. Or you can lower it all the way and take a few laps yourself. A lot of possibilities!

Private swimming pools with a movable floor

Don’t choose between the pleasure of a private pool or more space around your home or in the garden. Create your own hidden pool with a movable swimming pool floor. Variopool B.V. and Holland Aqua Sight B.V. have redesigned the in house engineered movable pool floor system for the private market. With a Holland Aqua Sight private movable pool floor, you can turn your private swimming pool into a safe paddling pool for the kids, dive – pit up to 5m1, or a terrace where you can give a party or park your car. It makes you not losing but winning space because of the extra possibilities in the same backyard or indoor space!

Innovative floating system for our movable floors

The unique feature of our system is that our floors have a floating concept. Combined with a stainless steel framework and hydraulic system we offer a highly durable floor. This results in easy maintenance, you do not have to empty your pool. Our engineers developed this technical system which meets the highest safety standards around the world. Each project is custom-made and has its own personal touch. An engineer will make a calculation to meet your demands, and you can choose your own finish. Our private movable pool floors and even stairs, can be made in all sizes, shapes, and depths. We have our own installation team and work all over the world.

We will be happy to come on-site personally to give you advice, help you with the engineering, or attend a meeting with an architect or construction team. Holland Aqua Sight is a subsidiary of Variopool and the distributor of Acrylic underwater windows.