Movable floor for private pools

We also apply the experience we have gained at Variopool over the past half century to private swimming pools. We approach this market through our subsidiary Holland Aqua Sight. Our movable pool floors make a private pool suitable for an endless number of purposes.

Private pool with a movable pool floor

The movable floor of the pool can be made level so that a party can be held on the terrace. When all the guests have left the next day, simply lower the movable floor of the private pool. Then children, for example, can safely play in the pool again. Or you set it to full depth, so you can swim laps yourself. With a movable pool floor, the pool is multifunctional, and it is also an aesthetically pleasing installation.

Because of our very extensive experience in this field, we can give you good advice and indicate what the options are. We also supply Acrylic underwater windows through our subsidiary. For more information on movable pool floors, please contact us at