Private accommodation, Whitelands, United Kingdom

commissioned 2016
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A beautiful project is completed! This private accommodation in the United Kingdom is fully equipped and a swimming pool can of course not miss. In the inside pool of of the villa in Whitelands we installed a movable floor and an integrated stairs. The movable floor is finished with tiles which fits perfectly with the rest of the house’s interior. The pattern which is used is also used for the rest of the manor house.


After the installation of a movable floor you can use the square meters of the swimming pool double. When the movable floor is up and equal to the rest of the terrace. This ensures that the kids can play around in the house without any danger they will get in the pool. When the floor is down it is possible to swim tracks or you choose a depth so kids can play safely in the water. A lot of possibilities!

Do you have interest in a movable floor at home? Contact us for all the possibilities and we can answer all your questions!