Swimming pool on Celebrity Edge cruise with hinged wall

First hinged wall on a cruise ship

The Variopool engineers regularly have challenges or special projects. But we are not always on a ship for that matter. And certainly not a ship like the brand new Celebrity Edge! A luxurious cruise ship with a length of no less than 306 meters and 38 meters in width. On the topdeck of this ship there is a big swimming pool in which our team installed a hinged wall so the pool can be divided in two areas. Via our office in France we came into contact with this company. The ship was built in Saint Naziere and left the port on 4 November 2018.

More to come

This is the first of four vessels on which Variopool can install a folding wall in the swimming pool. The size of the hinged wall on the Celebrity Edge measures a 4.7 m format. x 1.76 m. x 0.26 mtr. It is unnecessary to say that we are very proud to be part of a special project like this!