Therapy pool with ramp and movable floor in Noordwijk

In therapy center Noordwijk, the Netherlands, the Variopool team has completed the installation of a movable swimming pool floor. The floor measures 12.5 x 7 meters and is equipped with a screen. In addition, a ramp has been installed in the same pool, which has the advantage that the user can independently enter the swimming pool.

Hydrotherapy on a movable floor

Variopool is no stranger to movable pool floors that are used in therapy pools. The great advantage is that the patient can easily enter the water with, for example, a wheelchair. This can of course also be done with the aid of a ramp, but the pool floor can also be set to the highest position. Equal to the platform. After that, the patient can be driven onto the movable floor. Take a look at our separate website, Variomedic, to see the other options.