Therapypool Waardergolf chooses for movable floor

In July a new project was successfully done by the Variopool engineers. This time it concerns an installation of a movable floor in the Waardergolf swimming pool in Heerhugowaard. The movable floor is installed in the therapy pool and has a size of 6 x 13 meters. In addition, an integrated staircase has been mounted in the movable floor to make it complete. If the floor is placed upwards, the stairs will automatically go with it.


Because the floor can be set equal to the platform, it is easier for disabled people to get into the swimming pool. This form of therapy is very popular and well-known area of Variopool. In addition to movable floors for public swimming pools, we also supply them for medical applications. More information about hydrotherapy can be found on

More information about the Waardergolf swimming pool can be found here.