Vita Krokodiel Middelkerke with interactive pool floor

commissioned 2021

Variopool stands for innovations. This is how we try to take ourselves and our products to the next level. In this project we successfully installed our newest showpiece; an interactive movable pool floor! We call this product ‘AreaH20’. On the movable floor various games can be played by means of razor-sharp projection. The games used ‘react’ to the movements of the players!

Innovative movable pool floor

The brand-new sports complex in the Belgian town of Middelkerke is a complex which, in addition to a swimming pool, is also equipped with a separate sports hall, fitness facilities and catering. This is to a design by Slangen and Koenis Architects. The pool has 6 swimming lanes and a constant temperature of 27 degrees. The adjacent instruction pool has a temperature of 31 degrees. Both pools are equipped with a movable pool floor which increases the possibilities of the pool. Now more is possible and several target groups can use the beautiful pool at the same time. The movable floor in the competition pool has a dimension of 25×5 meters with a cover and that in the target group pool has a dimension of 12×10 meters.

What makes this pool further unique is that this is the first pool to use the Variopool interactive pool floor. Above the instruction pool, a high-end projector is placed which can project various games onto the water surface from the side of the pool. These games are fun and challenging for young and old and give the pool a unique extra feature. When using these games, the movable floor is set almost to the highest position so that the participants can walk through the water more easily, making the games react to the movements of the participants. While playing, sound effects can be heard that match the chosen game.

Modern swimming pool with many possibilities

There is also a recreational area for the little ones with a toddler and spray park. Here you will also find a slide of 10 meters long and 3 meters wide. The pool is equipped with a pool wheelchair, lazy stairs for the instruction pool and a disabled elevator. In short, the pool meets all the requirements of a modern pool.