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Benefits of a movable floor

Having a movable floor installed in your swimming pool gives you many benefits. The most important thing is that more efficiency is obtained from the water surface and that the swimming pool is interesting for various target groups. Because there is more possibility for various activities in the pool, that will generate more income. Why is that? For example, Aqua Zumba can be organized on one side of the pool, for which tickets are in most cases somewhat more expensive than for general activities that can also be offered without moving floor. On the other side of the swimming pool, where the bottom is set at a different depth, people can swim their laps. For this the ticket prices are usually slightly lower.

Why use a movable floor in your swimming pool

With a movable floor you can change the depth of the water which makes the swimming pool interesting for a lot of specific targetgroups on one day. In the morning the pool can be set to use for swimming laps. In the Afternoon you can set the pool floor on 1.30 meters which makes it possible to organize Aqua Zumba. A bit later the pool floor can be set on 50 centimeters so there can be given swimming lessons for beginners. This will result in more visitors, better customer satisfaction, and greater revenue.

All benefits of using a movable floor

The system to use the products of Variopool is really user-friendly. It works totally automatic and the water depth can be changed in a couple of minutes. There is no manpower needed to set the movable floor in another position.

Movable floor benefits

Here you can find a couple of benefits of a movable floor in your swimming pool:

  • Multiple target groups can perform their activity at the same time in one basin;
  • Less water surface is required for various activities;
  • The pool has a longer lifespan;
  • There is saving on energy costs;
  • The floor can be set on different heights;
  • More income can be obtained from the pool with a movable floor;
  • The multifunctional movable floor in the pool can be used for endless purposes;
  • If the pool complex is closed in the evening for visitors, the swimming pool floor can be used as an energy-saving cover. The floor ensures that the pool loses as little heat as possible.

Watch this video and see how many disciplines you can have in one day with the use of a movable floor.