Movable floor for hydrotherapy

Just like in the public sector, Variopool is also very active in swimming pool solutions for health care with its movable floor installations for use in Hydrotherapy. The dimensions of therapy pools are usually smaller than public swimming pools, but here too we always have a suitable solution.

Insulating pool cover and movable pool floor for hydrotherapy

Variopool has received the order from client Ipse De Bruggen in Nootdorp to completely replace the current movable floor installation for a new installation. The adjacent paddling pool is not skipped and it is provided with a heat-insulating swimming pool cover from VarioDeck. Variodeck is a subsidiary of the VarioGroup.

The necessary preparations for engineering and work preparation have now been initiated to achieve the desired implementation period by mid-August 2020. Here too, we look forward to a pleasant cooperation with the involved project manager from the Ipse De Brugge location. Especially with swimming pools with relatively warm water (therapy pools always have warm water) we advise to only use the material Polypropylene. For more information and advice about our products, please feel free to contact our International Account Manager colleague John Gielesen.

What is hydrotherapy

This form of therapy also uses special equipment and various flotation aids. In swimming pools where this form of therapy is given there is almost always a movable pool floor because this makes it easier for patients to enter the pool, and the advantage for the therapist is that they are better able to support the patient because the floor can be set to any desired depth.

Besides movable floors, Variomedic also supplies other equipment for this therapy. For example, special stairs to enter and leave the pool, a Poolpod, and, of course, disabled persons lifts. All of this equipment and the options are described on this website and give you a good impression of the range. Variomedic is a subsidiary of the Variopool group and has been the market leader in this field for many years.