Movable floor replacement at De Waterhoorn

Opgeleverd 2023

In August 2023, Optisport swimming pool De Waterhoorn was the stage for a major assembly project by Variopool. The movable swimming pool floor, which was more than 25 years old, was in need of replacement. Because this was a substantial task, the leisure pool was first drained, and the dismantling process began. Piece by piece, the old floor was disassembled, loaded onto the truck, and removed. Afterward, our technicians began assembling the new frame.

Once the frame was set up, the panels were installed, and the finishing work commenced. The hydraulics were installed, and the electronic components were calibrated. After approximately a week, the pool filling and water heating process began. Final checks were carried out, and the pool was once again ready for use and prepared for the coming years!