Extra possibilities with a movable floor

The utility of a movable swimming pool floor has been abundantly demonstrated and offers significant advantages for pool operators. This innovative floor provides considerably more possibilities after installation. Let’s delve into some of these possibilities in depth. One of the primary benefits of a movable floor is the ability to adjust it to different heights. This is particularly practical for swim lessons with young children, as they can reach the floor with their feet when fatigued. The floor can even be set at platform height, making it level with the pool’s edge.

For example, this provides the advantage that individuals can walk directly onto the floor from the platform, as we will discuss shortly. In the highest position, the floor can be useful for therapy pools, allowing patients in wheelchairs to effortlessly roll onto the floor from the platform before it is lowered. This requires minimal effort from both the patient and the therapist. Check out our website about hydrotherapy products.

Creative ideas with a movable floor

Movable pool floors for events also offer numerous possibilities. Consider, for instance, a diploma ceremony in the pool, where the floor is raised to its highest position and serves as a platform for ceremonies, judo tournaments, fashion shows, and more. People often inquire about the weight capacity of such a floor. The answer is that easily more than fifty adults can stand on it, thanks to the substantial buoyancy of our Variopool floor.

Creativity comes to the fore when the floor is set at different depths. At 10 cm underwater, activities like water football can take place, while at 50 cm depth, aqua-bike exercises present a challenge. Complete with inflatable slides, fitness classes, Aqua Zumba, special games, and even performances by entire orchestras when the floor is at its highest position, the possibilities are numerous.

Although our product is often ‘invisible’ on the floor, its full potential is unlocked when set in a different position. More visitors mean more returns, ultimately satisfying the operator. We hope to have provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse possibilities of a movable swimming pool floor. For further information, our Account Managers are at your disposal without any obligation.