New swimming pool Dinamare in Dinslaken, Germany

Opgeleverd 2021

Our teams regularly travel to Germany to work on beautiful projects. For this project, they went to Dinslaken. In the new DINamare swimming pool, our team installed a movable floor of 10 x 10 metres with an integrated staircase. The dry assembly, as we call it, was already scheduled for May 2021, but since the construction had been delayed somewhat, our fitters could only carry out the wet assembly later.

But the result is what counts, and our customer is satisfied with the delivered floor.

Movable floor with integrated steps

As you can tell by looking at the photos, we delivered this floor with a staircase that is part of the movable pool floor. A practical and beautiful solution. It has now become a whole, and the staircase sinks with it when the floor is lowered to the desired depth.