Lawrenceville school in America

Opgeleverd 2022

We flew across the ocean to Lawrence, New Jersey for this project. There our teams worked on the installation of a movable Steel-PP floor with valve in the pool of the Lawrenceville school. The total area is 5 x 18 meters. We did this on behalf of Main Line Commercial pools.

More about the Lawrenceville school

Lawrenceville offers its students an education that not only prepares them for college but also teaches them to be active, thoughtful members of society. Lawrenceville’s most distinguishing features are its House system and its conference-table classrooms. Both give Lawrenceville, a large school of extensive educational and extracurricular opportunities, the inflection of a much smaller, more personal school. Students are stretched and challenged by their talented peers and teachers in an environment that is both supportive and encouraging. Lawrenceville has been coeducational since 1987