Nicholas Recreation Center in USA

Opgeleverd 2022

The Nicholas Recreation Center (Nick) is the first major building project of the Master Plan. The name of the facility honors the late Ab Nicholas, his wife Nancy, and the Nicholas family. It’s home to 30,000 square feet of fitness space, 8 courts, 5 studios, a 50-meter pool and diving well, and more.

Movable floor with flap

The sports complex is located in Madison, USA, and our mechanics have been working on this great project again. A movable floor with flap has been installed with a size of 15.2 x 22.8 metres. We did this project together with our partner from Diving Company Orka. We thank the men from Orka for the smooth and good installation.

The Masterplan

Students first asked us to consider a Master Plan for new recreational facilities in spring 2012. With overcrowded and outdated buildings that do not serve campus demand and that are far behind the national standard for fitness space, the current facilities do not meet the needs of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In a March 2014 referendum to the student government ballot, students voted in favor of the Master Plan for new recreational facilities. A record-breaking 87% of students who voted demonstrated their support for the project, which includes new construction of two buildings and two outdoor fields.

UW-Madison is consistently ranked as one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions. New facilities will help extend our university’s world-class reputation from the classroom to the overall campus experience. We are not only creating larger spaces that will meet demand. We are creating opportunities for Badgers to play hard, get fit, and live well so they can be more effective students, professionals, and contributors to society.