Waterslide, stands and two movable floors in Scheldebad

Big waterslide and more for Belgium swimming pool

Halfway through the month of June 2018 a project was commissioned in the Belgian Temse. The end result looks great again and we have a satisfied customer. The Scheldebad, which is designed by Slangen And Koenis Architects,  is now equipped with a waterslide and two movable floors. One measures  25×5.5m with a flap and the other one is a movable floor of 15x8m.

But that is not all we did

In addition, the team of Varioplay also installed a stainless steel waterslide with a length of 16.7m and a width of 3m. To make it complete, 10 aluminum benches have been delivered which are also very convenient to stack. The aluminum frame is finished with a powder coating. The underside of the benches have protective caps to prevent damage to the surface. The seat of each tribune bench is made of lightweight polyester and offers space for five people. The tread is provided with a non-slip profile that is easy to clean. The stand is stackable up to 6 benches and can accommodate up to 30 people. Optionally an aluminum mobile trolley can be delivered with this set. Due to the four swivel wheels with braking device, the cart with the stand on it is easy to move.