Second project in Slovenia is a commissioned

Opgeleverd 2022

Once again, our teams went to work in Slovenia on a project. The men installed a steel-PP floor measuring 12.2 by 9.5 meters in the town of Slovenj Gradec. We also supplied what is known as a lazy stair for this floor. This is the second movable floor that we have delivered in Slovenia. The floor has been installed in a swimming pool which is part of a larger, completely renovated sports park. The sports park includes an indoor and outdoor pool, BMX track, skate track and a bouldering wall.

Our partner in this project was Orka Diving Service.

More about Letno kopališče Slovenj Gradec

The Summer Pool Slovenj Gradec is located at Kopališka ulica 17, on the route between the 2nd Slovenj Gradec Primary School and the Mercator Center Slovenj Gradec, along the Mislinja River. Since 1934, we have been trying to offer coolness to the residents of the town of Slovenj Gradec and its surroundings on hot summer days and enable them to participate in sports in the water or on the sand. Every year they strive to offer visitors an even more varied program with accompanying activities.