Complete installation at swimming pool De Eendr8

Together with our installation team of Varioplay, the team of Variopool delivered a beautiful project in Hellevoetsluis. In 2020 swimming pool De Eendr8 was opened there. A beautiful swimming pool with facilities such as a competition pool, a target group pool with a movable floor, a toddlers’ pool with a complete spray park and family slide, a sports hall for indoor sports and a catering area with meeting rooms.

Sustainable swimming pool

The building was also built as sustainably as possible and has a surface area of 1344 square metres. The aim is to build an energy-neutral sports complex that is fully electric. This will reduce operating costs. In addition, as much low-maintenance materials as possible will be used in the construction. The complex consists of three hall sections, six dressing rooms and a grandstand for 200 people. The swimming pool will have a 25-metre competition pool with five lanes. In addition, there will be a target group pool with a movable floor. Finally, there is a recreational pool that is suitable for various age groups.

One section is for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Another part is for children with swimming certificates and is aimed at ‘excitement, challenge and atmosphere’. The section for older people is aimed at ‘active, relaxed and social’, with a family slide, rapids and whirlpool. The recreation area will also include a restaurant with an outdoor terrace and sunbathing area.

Watch the video below for an impression: