Two movable floors for Swimming Pool Vie.

Opgeleverd 2022

In September of 2022 we were able to complete a wonderful project in Kerkrade. In the brand new Vie swimming pool, our mechanics installed no less than two movable pool floor. The floor in the competition pool measures 15.4 x 9 meters with valve and the floor in the target group pool measures 15 x 10 meters. The special feature of this project was that the elements of the movable floor were first placed in the concrete tub. Even before the tub was tiled and the roof was placed on the pool. Once the building was closed, we used our special crane to move the elements and build-up the floor.

Pool Vie location

Vie was realized on the site of the former Atrium Hospital. Together with the Martin Buberplein, the HuB. and Kerkrade center, Vie forms the new city heart of the municipality. The complex will house a swimming pool, various sports clubs and healthcare institutions. All geared to the themes of vitality and health.