De Sportwaard swimming pool uses a movable floor

On 19 November, the official opening of the new combined sports hall and swimming pool De Sportwaard at Oude Bosscheweg 6 in Zaltbommel will take place. This new accommodation replaces the old swimming pool Akwamarijn and sports hall De Ring. The brand-new building is equipped with all modern conveniences and has a swimming pool, sports hall, meeting room and catering facilities. The Sportwaard is modern, spacious and very sustainable. Inside, there are quiet colours and a lot of woodwork. Outside, the red brick with copper-coloured surfaces is a striking feature.

The swimming pool has an official competition pool measuring 25 x 15 metres with a grandstand for 150 people. There is also a children’s pool. This pool has slightly warmer water than the competition pool and the movable floor can also be lowered and raised. This makes the target group pool suitable for therapeutic swimming and swimming lessons, for example. The third pool is a toddlers’ pool with play elements.

A movable floor offers more possibilities

Variopool installed a movable floor in the target group pool, which provides the pool with additional options. The floor measures 15 x 10 meters. The pool has been equipped with a movable floor of 15 x 10 meters.