Marina Centre in Great Yarmouth

Opgeleverd 2022

Together with our partner Barr+Wray, we completed a project in Great Yarmouth, England. In the Marina Centre our mechanics have been busy installing a movable pool floor of 15×8 meters and no less than two disabled platforms have been installed in the pool which can be operated with only one touch screen. These elevators are installed according to the unique Variopool floating system.

Two disabled platforms side by side

The swimming pool has two pools, one of which is equipped with a Variopool movable floor with integrated steps that move with the raising and lowering of the floor. A Poolpod is set up at the edge of the pool. In the other pool are the two disabled platforms. These platforms are sized 1.75x 1.5 meters and 1.5×1.5 meters. This way, no one has to wait any more, swimmers can use them even if they are in a disabled car if they wish.

Did you know that Variopool also has a separate division that focuses entirely on this market and also specializes in therapy pools? These pools are often smaller but our engineers can also design a special movable pool floor for them. Take a look at Variomedic website for this.