Three movable floor for swimming pool Veldhoven

Variopool is energetic and has recently received the order from Van Dorp Installations from Deventer for the delivery of no less than three movable swimming pool floors. This for the new swimming pool complex Den Ekkerman in Veldhoven, designed by Noahh Architecten Amsterdam.

Swimming pool complex Den Ekkerman in Veldhoven (NL)

In this complex, a movable swimming pool floor will be placed in the competition pool where, among other things, the sport of swimming underwater hockey can be practiced with the condition that the top deck of the movable floor must be super tight and flat. In the target group pool, a DUO movable bottom was ultimately chosen, in which the entire surface can be adjusted horizontally in its entirety, but can also be set to two mutually different water depths. With this we ultimately achieve that different target groups can use the facilities simultaneously. Optimal flexibility!

In the therapy pool there will also be a movable pool floor to which an integrated movable staircase is attached that will move to the set water depth. Finally, all movable floors are equipped with our patented and integrated water inlet system that ensures optimal water circulation at any water depth. For more information, please feel free to contact our International Account Manager John Gielesen.

We are doing this project together with Noahh Architecten Amsterdam, Van Dorp Installations Deventer and Van der Horst contractors Mil.